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How to Deactivate Windows Fonts for Scripts You do Not Need

Windows installs several hundred of fonts by default, to cover a wide variety of languages and scripts. For instance, in Vista or Seven, more than a hundred fonts are dedicated to Asian scripts, that you may not need.

In order to get rid of theses fonts, you need to identify the font scripts, and which fonts are under the protection of the system, because Windows will prevent uninstalling them, and there is no tool provided to deactivate the fonts. Since Windows 7, a new option hides fonts according to their scripts, but the font are still active and their visibility depends on the applications, so you may wish not to use this feature if you need a better control.

OT1 Font Manager lets you deactivate unneeded standard fonts installed in Windows very easily. For instance, if you do not read Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese, you may get rid of a lot of fonts.

In OT1 Font Manager, a menu command will generate a series of font groups, each for a family of scripts: core fonts (that should be kept active), ideograms, South East Asian languages, Arabic, etc.

Note that fonts often contains different scripts. The classification is build according to what can be considered as the 'main' script for the font. For instance, Greek or Cyrillic scripts are often included in Latin fonts.

How To?

Once you have created the classification of Windows fonts by script in OT1 Font Manager, select the group or the groups you do not need and click the deactivate button.

If you need to reactivate some fonts later, go to the Fonts folder of Windows and simply reactivate the fonts from there.




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