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Adobe Applications and Fonts

If you run Adobe software, you may notice that a number of fonts available in the font list of the application are not visible from other applications of Windows.

Adobe programs read the fonts installed in Windows, and also read fonts from a specific font folder for their own use. The fonts in this folder are loaded in a private manner when you open your Adobe program (this means that they are not visible from other applications).


The Adobe font folder is (for 32-bit Windows):
[Programs]/Common Files\Adobe\Fonts
For 64-bit Windows:
[Programs(x86)]\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts


If you want to use some of these fonts in other Windows applications, you should install these fonts in Windows too. To avoid duplication problems, it is better to install them as shortcuts (i.e. not copying the file in the Fonts folder of Windows). 

On the opposite, if you want to shorten the list of fonts available in your Adobe application, you should move the font file(s) to another folder (if you do so, be very careful not to remove core fonts, or fonts that may be in use in existing documents).

Using OT1 Font Manager, you may add this folder to your favorites for quick access and font preview. You may also create a group from this folder in a click, and make these fonts available for other applications in Windows only when you need them.





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