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Duplicate fonts appears in lists after install

User Access Control in Windows Vista (and later versions)

Can I install OT1 Font Manager on a machine with no internet access?

Which version of OT1 Font Manager Pro should I choose: 32-bit or 64-bit?

I am a registered user. I need to reinstall the program

Help: I did not receive the installation email

Installing OT1 Font Manager

To install, run the installation file you downloaded and follow the instructions in the Install program.

You need Administrative rights to install and run the program. When the UAC prompt is displayed, choose 'Allow'.

When it is started for the first time, OT1 Font Manager will ask you to create a 'Font Cases' folder, meant to become your central font repository. If you already have a font folder, enter its path. If not, OT1 Font Manager will create one for you.

Installed Fonts

You may notice what may appear as misbehavior in the list of installed fonts when you start OT1 Font Manager for the first time, especially if you use a localized version of Windows. Some fonts may be listed in color and/or duplicated. This is by design. One key feature of OT1 Font Manager lies in the reporting of conflicts and errors in fonts.

This should be solved in a click, using the Repair font installation button.

Read the program help for more explanations. The first part of the Help Content (Introduction) tries to give you an overview of font management in Windows. 

Can I install OT1 Font Manager on a machine with no internet access?

No. You need to be connected to internet when you start the program for the first time in order to activate the program.

OT1 Font Manager Pro: Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit version?

In the license mail, you are offered to download the 32-bit or 64-bit version of OT1 Font Manager Pro.

If your version of Windows is 32-bit, you must install OT1 Font Manager Pro 32-bit.

If your version of Windows is 64-bit, you should install OT1 Font Manager Pro 64-bit.

OT1 Font Manager Pro 64-bit will run on Windows 64-bit only. OT1 Font Manager Pro 32-bit may run on Windows 32-bit or 64-bit.

If you do not know which Windows you have, you may download OT1 Font Manager Setup 64-bit and try to run it. If a prompt tells you that it cannot run on this version of Windows, simply download the 32-bit Setup program.

When you upgrade from a 32-bit version of OT1 Font Manager to a 64-bit version, you should uninstall the 32-bit version first.

Windows Vista and later versions

As OT1 Font Manager is meant to perform administrative tasks, i.e. installing or uninstalling fonts, the User Access Control of Windows will issue a security prompt each time OT1 Font Manager starts. Choose 'Allow'.

Registered user: Reinstall OT1 Font Manager

If you need to reinstall the program, click the 'Reinstall OT1 Font Manager' link in the previous line. In the form, enter the email address you use to register (if you own the standard version, do not forget to check the Standard checkbox).

You shall receive an email with a link for download and a new activation key.

If you already re-installed the program from a backup copy, you may skip the download. Simply enter the activation code when you are prompted.

The activation code has a very short lifespan and can be used only once. There is no need to keep it for later use.

I did not receive the installation email

You entered your registration email address and an email has been sent to this address, but you did not receive this email.

Check your anti-spam program. The email has most probably been discarded and is stored in the unwanted or junk email list.

The email sender is "OT1 Font Manager" and the subject looks like the following:

Your license for OT1 Font Manager ... (V. x) [hh:mm:ss]




Registered Users

If you are a registered user and you need to reinstall OT1 Font Manager, do not download the DEMO Version.
Enter your registration email address in the text box below. You will receive an email to this address with instructions on how to download and validate OT1 Font Manager.

Standard Version

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